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The VSP team looks forward to hearing from you!

Federal confidentiality law protects communication between clients and VSP staff. The VSP staff does not reveal or share client communications without a client’s written permission except where required to do so by mandated reporting. However, we want to make sure that you are aware of the privacy risks related to email communication. Please note that

  • Email is not a secure way to communicate,
  • Emails can be easily seen by other people without your knowledge or consent. Because of this, please limit the personally identifying information that you send in emails to only what is absolutely necessary, and
  • The VSP staff is happy to talk to you about additional ways to increase your privacy and safety online.

If you prefer to contact us via phone, you may dial the program line at 231-398-6719. When leaving a message, please indicate the safest way and time for us to contact you. We will reply within 48 hours.

In an emergency, please text or call 911!

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