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Safety Planning

No one deserves to be hit, threatened, or harmed in any way. The VSP staff strongly urges you to consider making plans to help keep yourself and your family safe if an intimate partner is abusing you or your children.

Studies prove that it is most dangerous for victims of intimate partner violence when they are planning to leave their abuser. It is at this time that the perpetrator feels they are losing control of their partner and may become more volatile. For this reason, the VSP staff highly recommends that you engage in safety planning before taking steps to begin your journey toward a new and safer life.

One of the services offered by the VSP program is assistance with safety planning. You can make an appointment to come to one of the VSP offices, or one of the advocates can meet you where you feel the safest. If you prefer, you can also access a wealth of safety planning information, including downloadable safety planning worksheets and information on safety apps from the links below.

Download Safety Planning

Technology Safety

It’s not uncommon for abusive people to use technology to control or track their partners. In fact, with advances in technology, it is becoming easier for abusers to monitor their mates’ habits of daily living, communications, location, finances, and much more.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence is committed to helping victims and survivors be free of technological abuse. This organization’s website offers excellent resources to help you protect yourself from your abuser while still being able to utilize your computer, cellphone, and other electronic gadgets. Should you have any concerns that the perpetrator of your abuse is monitoring or controlling you through technology, the VSP staff can also help you.

You are the expert of your situation.
Only you know what is best for you and your children. Please don’t allow anyone to bully you into making decisions about leaving that are not in your best interest.

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